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U-LAND's Journey of Innovation

U-LAND CO., LTD., established in 1992, has continuously revolutionized interior and exterior design with RockTex, offering a premium selection of products that redefine spaces effortlessly.

U-LAND Co., Ltd. began its journey as a pioneer in the stone texture coating and lightweight stone veneer industry, setting the standard for flexibility and durability in architectural design.

U-LAND Co., Ltd. has proudly served a wide range of clients, including investors, end-users, architects, designers, and contractors, delivering cost-effective and elegant stone veneer solutions for their specific needs.

Our Values

Guiding Principles for Excellence


We continuously strive to innovate and push boundaries in the stone veneer industry, offering cutting-edge solutions for modern design challenges.


We uphold the highest standards of quality in all our products, ensuring that each RockTex solution delivers long-lasting durability and aesthetic appeal.

Customer Focus

Putting our customers first, we tailor our services to meet their unique needs, providing personalized solutions and unmatched support throughout their projects.

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Our success story didn’t stop there. In 2000, U-LAND secured a utility patent for its innovative technology. Further fueled by this milestone, PAOLIN Company Limited was established in 2006, leading to a larger factory, expanded product lines, and global reach.

Today, U-LAND and PAOLIN remain dedicated to continuous innovation. We relentlessly explore new techniques and materials to push the boundaries of design and sustainability. With a global presence and a passion for stone, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of spaces that inspire.

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