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     U-LAND CO., LTD.          PAO LIN CO., LTD

U-LAND Company Limited was founded in September, 1992, by Mr. Lee Wey Chyuan. It started from the idea making the texture coating for wall protection and decoration, which responded to the huge demands from all architects and interior designers, the products were developed from texture coating to super light weight stone veneer. As the disadvantage of the natural stone’s application, U-LAND invented the innovation product; RockTex stone veneer, which created difference from traditional artificial stone are flexible, super light-weight, nature look with various in sizes and colors. RockTex stone veneer offered the excellent benefit and advantages for all customers are: low cost, durable, elegant and perfect natural touch, also great solution to give architect and designer versatility and new style, unlimited and freedom to create designs. On the other hand RockTex also bring economic advantages, low logistic cost, lighter structure loading, easy to clean effect, quick and easy to install and maintain.
          U-LAND was granted a utility patent on the flexible stones on 30th of March, 2000. The business was incredibly successful, so PAO LIN Company Limited was established in 2006, and a larger factory was built and new products for “Landscape Rock” were introduced. The company expanded its market for exporting to various countries. The huge success inspires U-LAND and PAO LIN is always improving its new product line and services by searching for new techniques and raw materials to boost the quality. Nano-technologic is also used for green product for the future development.

RockTex Factory in Chachoengsao, Thailand